Word of mouth is of course the best way to hear about me- I am very honoured to be recommended by my patients! Also as we are not allowed to list the conditions we treat, please don't hesitate to ask in person or call for more info :)

Joana Simas

15-02-2017 Acupuncture with Lilja

Lilja is just wonderful. Kind, knowledgeable, sensitive and funny too. I have been seeing her regularly for over a year now and the experience is always deeply enjoyable and healing. She really cares and listens, and I always feel both welcome and looked after. Thank you x

Siobhann Carolan

22-01-2017 Great first acupuncture assessment and session with Lilja

My first ever acupuncture session went really well. Very thorough pre assessment. I was extremely relaxed afterwards. I can recommend Lilja.

Morgan Gordon


I saw Lilja today for a follow-up acupuncture session today. As always, she was very reassuring, explained everything, and made me feel a lot better. She is a marvellous person!

Sophie Fisher

24-03-2016 Blissful!

The Little Escape is a lovely, serene space in the heart of Crystal Palace. I had some acupuncture done which was fantastic and would highly recommend Lilja.

Anita Blanchard

19-10-2015 Acupuncture

I have been going to Lilja for acupuncture regarding my allergic rhinitis. It was a sort of last resort for me, having tried various pills/nasal sprays etc. Lilja did a thorough assessment of me, recommended keeping away from certain foods and increasing others. The acupuncture was a revelation, I felt the impact in some areas but not others, and the release would last for days. Lilja also tried cupping on me combined with acupuncture and I noticed that after this my breathing improved - was less shallow and I felt calmer. My rhinitis symptoms have greatly improved since coming to the Little Escape and I would thoroughly recommend Lilja as a practitioner.


"Lilja brings a serene, exacting and soft approach to her acupuncture. I felt huge and multiple benefits from our sessions; she cleared an unusual neck crick which had dogged me for days in one session and installed a wonderful sense of well-being and restored calm to me, as well as topping me up with a sensible, streamlined wellspring of advice to keep me on the up; including savvy dietary tips. I think everyone should get some of Lilja's magic whilst she still has a little time left in her diary!" Miranda

"it worked! Hi Lilja, I am overjoyed to say that whatever you did on friday has worked! My fingers have almost completely recovered! They have NEVER recovered so quickly before, so you're obviously on the right track there. Thank you SO much, and I look forward to seeing you again on thursday." AS (29) circulatory issues

"My first experience of acupuncture was with Lilja and from the moment I walked in the door I felt more relaxed thanks to her calm and gentle approach. It is a deep pleasure when I find a place in the middle of London that allows me to slow down, do something for myself and feel things that are completely new and exciting.  Acupuncture moves things within, I love it!" LB, (24) 

"I whole heartedly couldn't recommend it enough. I feel centered and if you know me then you can imagine what a feat that is!" Lucy Wearing, Make up artist - see Lucy's Blog for the full review!

"I received a course of acupuncture from Lilja mainly to combat stress. The quality of service was high and the environment was calm and welcoming. There has been a definite and noticeable improvement in my overall sense of well being; I have found it easier to unwind after a stressful day at work and the uncomfortable tension in my shoulders was noticeably relieved whilst having the acupuncture and for some time afterwards. The tension has since come back so I am consindering another course for this and as a possible course of treatment for a skin allergy. Would highly recommend!" NT (28)

"Lilja is a great help. She is down to earth and easy to talk to and gives very sensible, easy to follow dietary and lifestyle advice as well as acupuncture. I inevitably leave feeling relaxed and happy." JH (30)

"I suffered severe morning sickness with my second pregnancy and was even on a drip in hospital at 7 weeks because I was so dehydrated. My friend recommended acupuncture with Lilja and I thought anything was worth trying. I was completely amazed.. Having spent two weeks unable to keep down even water and being sick every 30 mins - after my first session I felt so much better I ate a full meal the same evening. The morning sickness was kept at bay totally with weekly sessions and I felt much healthier generally and definitely slept better because of it. I have recommended it to many friends since!" KA (32)

"I haven't had any pain in my back or hip since the last treatment- such a releif! I have been raving to my midwife about acupuncture!!" SK (32), (34 weeks)

"Thank you Lilja for your support leading up to and throughout my pregnancy - you made all the difference! I feel like everything went smoothly, my body was stronger, and I was more confident because of the help that you gave me. You were positive from the beginning, helping to calm my anxieties, gently supporting the pregnancy, and celebrating the arrival of Rory!" AF (26)

My First Acupuncture Treatment (blog post)

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