pregnancy bump Acupuncture is fantastic during pregnancy- during the early stages for issues such as morning sickness, and at later stages for problems such as any aches, pains and sleeplessness.  

Pre-birth acupuncture is recommended for 4 weeks before the due date to prepare the body, calm the mind, and ripen the cervix to encourage a natural and healthy labour. Studies show that pre-birth acupuncture can be successful in reducing the mean labour time! Acupressure during childbirth is also fantastic and birth-partners should study their points! Moxibustion is also available for various issues including Breech Presentation.

A pre-birth treatment package is available which includes 4 pre-birth treatments plus either a class for the birthing partner or an "Acupressure for Natural Pain Releif in Labour" DVD plus one extra treatment either for induction, breech presentation, or a post birth 'mother-warming' treatment.  

The package costs £220- a bargain! A great gift for a mother-to-be? A maternity leave gift? Or just a healthy and sensible course of treatment for yourself!

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