News!! I am now working at The Little Escape- a beautiful new treatment centre in Crystal Palace, SE19
News!! I have completed further training in Shonishin Paediatric Acupuncture with the world-renowned Stephen Birch.  Amazing results with amazingly gentle treatment for babies and children of any age :)
News!! Lilja's Facial Acupuncture treatments features in the Sunday Telegraph Stella Supplement! 29th May 2011 "Treatment of the week"!
News!! I am now on Twitter- follow me!? Follow Katankupuncture on Twitter Spread the word

News!! New low-cost community acupuncture clinic in Stockwell! So far its been a great success, and we may extend our opening hours...

News! See for a new study confirming what we already knew- that Tai Chi "appears to be associated with improvements in psychological well-being including reduced stress, anxiety, depression and mood disturbance, and increased self-esteem" - so what are you waiting for!?!
News! Lilja's Facial Acupuncture treatments featured on top make up artist's blog! And in the South London Press! See

I've also continued my facial revitalisation training with Virginia Doran by training in Facial Revitalisation Massage, and have supervised on her course in London.


The changing season.....

Spring is here! Unpredictable weather, and a time for new shoots, blossom, and flourishing verdant greenery.... and for some people- the start of Hayfever!! A misery for many in this country, and in London especially as research is confirming that pollution plus pollen is an uncomfortable mix...

A spring clean really might help! Reducing dust and airborne particles in the home can just be one less aggravator for the sensetive respiratory system... and making sure that you wash your hair before bed, and unfortunately don't dry your washing outside if you are a sufferer as the pollen will stick to your hair and clothes and exacerbate the situation... Reishi mushroom has been proven to act as a natural anti-histamine and immune modulator, so let me know if you'd like to buy some from me.  Salt pipes can also help cleanse and soothe the respiratory system, again let me know if you'd like to buy one.  Also HayMax or anther barrier cream around the nostrils can be a simple and effective way to reduce the irriration.  Research shows that Acupuncture can also really help! An internal spring clean can also help- a healthy detox can reduce inflammation in the body generally, which all contributes to calming the immune system.

As the days get longer but the air is still cool, spring colds are also abundant! Keep your neck protected from the spring breezes, keep drinking mint or ginger tea (and green tea of course, which is pretty much a cure for everything!)  If you do succumb to any of those blasted colds that seem to be around, try some of these home remedies and do rest rather than battling in to work!  Listen to your body, and it will thank you for it :) 

Spring is also the time for GROWTH and is associated with the liver in Chinese Medicine, so stretching and side twists are particularly important at this time of year to regulate tempers and detoxification... Sour is also the flavour associated with the Liver and with Spring- Try starting the day with hot water and lemon for a healthy way to start the liver on a strong footing...

Also Sit Up Straight! Are you slouching right now?? How can your lungs breathe freely if you are..?? make sure your computer and keyboard are at the right height, and maybe set a  reminder to get you to move or sit up every 20 minutes- relieve those aching shoulders.... :) 

And if you need even more of a seasonal boost, of course think about coming in for a treatment! ;) 

Warmest Spring wishes,



(from'Walking is man's best medicine.' Hippocrates

A new study has now found that simply walking for several miles a week may slow cognitive decline in adults with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer's disease, as well as in healthy adults. Regular walking was able to maintain brain volume (an important sign of brain health) and reduce the decline in MMSE (mini-mental state exam) in cognitively impaired patients.

It has previously been demonstrated (Mayo Clinic) that moderate exercise (e.g. brisk walking for 30 minutes most days) can lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol, prevent or manage type 2 diabetes, reduce weight, prevent osteoporosis, strengthen the immune system, speed digestion, reduce stress, improve depression, anxiety and sleep etc. 

also see 10 ways to beat the blues from the BBC website...


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