British Acupuncture Council - the main regulatory body for Acupuncture in the UK.  Lots of information about Acupuncture including research and a searchable database of BAcC accredited practitioners- also Research Fact Sheets on various conditions...

The Little Escape - Holistic Therapy Centre in Crystal Palace SE19, South London

Journal of Chinese Medicine - also contains information about latest news and research on Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

 Debra Betts' Essential Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth - Lots of great info for the patient and practitioner about Acupuncture and related therapies for fertility assitance, preparing for pregnancy and childbirth, pregnancy, pain releif in labour, breech presentation, and more.

Julian Scott's Eyebright Massage- great for any eye problems- but also good for just maintenance and thos sore computer eyes- take time out to do it for a fewminutes each day! They used to prescribe it to school children in China to save money on glasses prescriptions...

Congee! Everyone should eat it every day! support your digestive system and be good to yourself! If you are a patient, ask me for particular recommendations for your type

Healthcare without harm:

Interesting BBC article about human interaction

Tian Garden Acupuncture clinic in central london (Waterloo/ South Bank/ Southwark area)

Community Acupuncture Brixton - low cost multibed clinic in Brixton

The Association of Community and Multibed Acupuncture Clinics (ACMAC)

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