Lilja was brought up in South London, and has had an interest in complementary and natural healthcare since she can remember.  At school she was fascinated by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles and Acupuncture, and age 14 did some work experience with a practitioner of TCM herbs and acupuncture.  She subsequently experienced dramatic results with acupuncture first-hand, when she was suffering from severe glandular fever as a teenager.picture of lilja

In an attempt to answer some of her million questions about how life works, she studied the three sciences to A-Level, and completed a BSc in Environmental Science with Agricultural Ecology, going on to work for several years in the field of sustainable development.  The links between holistic sustainability and holistic health became more and more apparent through her work, and indeed Traditional Chinese Medicine has always included an awareness of man's relationship with his environment.  Her scientific background, along with life and travelling experience stood her in good stead when finally embarking on the degree in TCM Acupuncture, which involved a great deal of western science and medicine in parallel with the principles and practice of TCM.  

She loves her job and seeing the positive changes that can be brought about with such a safe and seemingly simple treatment; improving patients' internal harmony and equilibrium, improving quality of life and reducing dependance on medication and other interventions which can have potentially harmful side effects. 

Lilja is half Icelandic, and has travelled extensively in Asia, including travel and study/work experience in China, and she is (still) trying to learn Mandarin.   She has also recently opened a holistic therapy centre in South London: The Little Escape.

Member of the British Acupuncture Council